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Choosing a festival outfit has never been easier. The members of the MAD Festival team have pooled their knowledge of fashion and astrology to assist you in finding your summer look. Since we never do things halfway, we have also selected fashion trends that are perfect for the most anticipated music, entertainment, or fashion festivals of the summer. Let your style be guided by the stars!





ARIES – Blokecore


Energetic, spontaneous, and often sporty, Aries individuals are big fans of sportswear. It’s perfect timing because one of the biggest trends this season is Blokecore, which includes wearing sports jerseys, among other things. We’re not talking about the old gym shirt you wore in physical education class, but rather one you found in a trendy thrift shop in the Mile-End neighborhood. Versatile, you can pair it with almost anything, from a schoolgirl skirt to basic jeans. In addition to that, the trend of Adidas’ Samba cycling shoes has taken the internet by storm in recent months!





TAURUS- Crochet Set


Even though all fashion brands now offer crochet pieces, it’s still more fun to make them yourself! It’s none other than Taurus, a naturally artistic sign, that would perfectly embrace this DIY trend. Renowned for their calm and serene nature, Taurus individuals often have a bohemian and sensual style. A handmade crochet skirt and crop top will be their essential pieces for festivals all summer long.



GEMINI – Kidcore


Geminis are true kids at heart, so the trend that suits them best is undoubtedly Kidcore. Inspired by the world of childhood and its codes, this aesthetic aligns perfectly with the fun and playful personality of this sign. To master Kidcore, it’s all about focusing on accessories: colorful sunglasses, resin and acetate jewelry, candy-shaped hair clips, and funny hats are all welcome!






CANCER – Coquette


Soft and calm, the Cancer woman has a rather charming fashion style and enjoys getting ready for the events she attends. Usually not a fan of festivals, she relies on her romantic and charming style to make connections. The “coquette” aesthetic is characterized by ruffles, lace, small flowers, and feminine and voluptuous cuts. White and pastel pink will be the preferred colors in all of Cancer’s festival looks.




LEON – Summer Baby


It’s no secret that the sign of Leo is renowned for their desire to steal the spotlight wherever they go. Born in the heart of summer, between July 23rd and August 23rd, Leos have the sun in their skin and want to show it off. The standout color of summer 2023, orange, perfectly aligns with their flamboyant personality. For festivals, we dare to wear beach cover-up sets, swimsuits, as well as vibrant-colored pants and shirts, ensuring that the Leo never goes unnoticed.





VIRGO – (Wo)man in Black 


Sometimes hard to read, individuals born under the sign of Virgo are generally quite shy and prefer to play it safe when it comes to style. That’s why the all-black look will be their go-to for summer festivals, even when temperatures rise above 25 degrees Celsius… However, black doesn’t mean boring, quite the opposite. Styled in various materials, from leather to mesh, black exudes a confident and edgy vibe. But remember, you shouldn’t judge a Virgo by their cover!





LIBRA – Barbiecore


Always on the lookout for trends, Libras have a natural attraction to what is beautiful and avant-garde. Right in line with the current era, thanks to the upcoming release of the Barbie movie, the Barbiecore trend perfectly aligns with Libra’s seductive and feminine side. Get ready to see pink everywhere all summer long because it’s a trend that fits very well with the trendiest festivals in the country (like the MAD Festival 😉).





SCORPIO – Lingerie 


Connected to the element of water, Scorpios are mysterious, sensual, and passionate. What better way to represent this sign than with lingerie! Once hidden beneath layers of clothing, lingerie is now in the spotlight as the star of festival looks. Corsets, bralettes, and slip dresses—every piece reigns supreme this summer. Moreover, they adapt to your style, whether it’s Y2K, grunge, gothic, preppy, boho, or streetwear.





SAGITTARIUS – Formula 1 Racer


The Formula 1 racing jacket completes a rather basic look and gives an audacious and confident vibe, just like Sagittarius people. Guided by their pop star energy, this sign loves to venture into festivals, even if they don’t know any artists on stage because the goal is to have fun. Equipped with their logo-covered leather jacket, Sagittarius will feel invincible and free as the wind!





CAPRICORN – Quiet Luxury


Wherever they go, Capricorns exude a chic and elegant aura, which is also reflected in their sense of style. Making waves across social media, the term “quiet luxury” has entered the fashion vocabulary and perfectly aligns with Capricorn’s style. Quiet luxury is defined by timeless and high-quality luxury pieces that may not necessarily feature logos but instead focus on technical features that make the garment luxurious. Fabrics such as linen, silk, and cashmere are key elements in achieving this aesthetic.





AQUARIUS – Metallic


In their constant quest for freedom, Aquarius individuals always have a visionary, even futuristic, outlook. They are the first to embrace a new trend, and when it’s chic, even better. For festivals, Aquarius goes all-in with their space-age vibe, creating metallic and shiny looks that dazzle the crowd. Let’s not forget the accessory that can make all the difference: sunglasses.





PISCIES – Mermaidcore


Although it may seem cliché, the Mermaidcore trend is the perfect fit for Pisces individuals. Dreamy, creative, and full of imagination, Pisces live for love and “saltwater” adventures, just like mermaids. To master Mermaidcore, it’s essential to acquire or create jewelry and accessories adorned with shells and pearls. Crochet, voluptuous and shiny fabrics, and details reminiscent of these mythical ocean creatures are also key elements to embrace the trend.




*SO ? What is your festival outfit this year?*