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From August 24th to 27th, 2023, the MAD Festival is back with an exciting lineup! Over the course of 4 days, approximately 150 local and international artists will set the stage on fire, exploring the various facets of Fashion, Arts, and Entertainment. For this occasion, we are thrilled to present to you 5 fashion designers who will showcase their new collection at the festival.





Founded in 2019 while Vincent La Kuach was studying fashion design at LaSalle College, Lakuachimoto is avant-garde, genderless, and provocative. The ready-to-wear brand fearlessly blends everyday life and fantasy in its irreverent creations. Representing diversity and the LGBTQIA2S+ community through the choice of models and collaborators, each fashion show and photoshoot is a clear expression of the desire to inspire people to express themselves as they are, without boundaries or rules.

Manufactured in Montreal, Lakuachimoto’s production is made to order, using local materials to reduce its ecological footprint. In each collection, a portion of the materials used is reclaimed or made from recycled fibers. The brand distinguished itself by designing costumes for the play “Luna – From Sun to Moon” by Les Grands Ballets Canadiens and for MWON’D, the latest choreographic creation by Rhodnie Désir, both presented in 2022. Lakuachimoto has also had the honor of dressing, among others, the bestselling author Kim Thuy, the legendary singer Luce Dufault, Suki Doll, Miss Congeniality of Canada’s DragRace Season 2, and Gisèle Lullaby, the grand winner of Canada’s DragRace Season 3.


During the 23rd edition of the festival, Lakuachimoto will present its 5th collection titled “Les Nocturnes.” This collection is an introspection on life, love, religion, death, and infinity.







Based in Montreal and founded by Angie Larocque, Les Aguicheuses distinguishes itself by its pride in using eco-friendly fabrics and producing in very limited quantities. Angie Larocque’s creations are specially designed to embrace and enhance feminine curves, making her brand the only one in Montreal to offer retro lingerie for plus sizes. Inspired by the styles and cuts of the 80s and 90s, Les Aguicheuses lingerie is available from XS to 2X.

At the festival, the designer will present her latest collection in the form of a silent theatrical runway show, featuring contemporary actresses and dancers embodying the different moments of a first encounter.






Founded by Leon Llanes Jorge Luis, this brand distinguishes itself through its commitment to eco-responsibility by utilizing materials sourced from thrift stores or donated by friends, neighbors, and others. Eco-responsibility holds a paramount place in their creative process. Furthermore, each designed piece is one-of-a-kind!


For their upcoming collection, Leon drew inspiration from their Mexican heritage. The collection features haute couture pieces with dramatic silhouettes, sheer fabrics, and handmade details. The primary color of the collection is white, symbolizing innocence, freshness, tranquility, and delicacy.






Guillaum Chaigne presents high-end streetwear collections under his eponymous signature, offering a wide selection of ready-to-wear clothing. Showcasing love and passion for his art in a rather naive manner, Guillaum manages to maintain a very human, personal, and transparent approach. Each creation is meticulously crafted to be a unique piece, while grounded in simplicity and minimalism, which are fundamental values of his artistic process.

As a self-taught artist since the beginning, Guillaum conceptualizes, creates, and transforms his designs entirely by hand from his Montreal-based studio. His early interest in fashion and clothing led him to embark on an unconventional path at the age of ten. Leaving school and pursuing autonomous learning allowed him to launch his first ready-to-wear clothing line at the age of 19. Today, Guillaum’s creations reflect 14 years of experimentation and refinement, but above all, they embody the love and passion he nurtures for his art.

We won’t reveal more; you’ll have to come to the MAD Festival to witness his performance and see his collection!






Graduating from Cégep Marie-Victorin in the midst of a pandemic, Catherine Préfontaine had the opportunity to participate in the virtual Fashion Preview festival to represent her institution. These unconventional years provided her with the chance to spend a few months in Virginia working with horses, another one of her great passions. During this retreat, she began creating prom dresses and elegant outfits tailored to local equestrian events. It was during this time that she had the idea to merge her multiple influences into a single collection, blending her inclinations for a simple outdoor life, her creatively subversive instinct, and her guilty pleasure for showmanship.

What could embody the freedom of an idealized countryside life or the casual side of urban life better than denim? With Maison Prefontaine, Catherine drew inspiration from the origins of jeans and the Western tradition, which has evolved over time into more contemporary versions, and now dares to reinvent it with a touch of madness. Her mission is to design unique, eclectic, and sustainable creations that allow her clients to stand out with their style.

In the long run, the brand aims to create collections while minimizing waste production, manufacturing locally, and making environmentally conscious choices. The annual collections will be produced in limited quantities to match the demand, avoiding unnecessary losses.


For its first participation in the MAD Festival, Maison Préfontaine will transport you to the Western world, unveiling its new collection: Exorde.

*Stay tuned, more designers will be unveiled soon!*