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The time has come to put away winter boots and shoes and make way for cute sandals and summer sneakers. Let’s not lie, it’s much more fun to wear footwear during the summer season than when the streets are filled with snow… In terms of trends for the 2023 season, elevated essentials are often mentioned, whether it’s through color or small details that make all the difference. So here are 5 shoes that you absolutely need to be on top of summer trends!





We’re already familiar with the classic closed-toe mule, but this time, we’re adding a back strap for more support and style. Whether worn with socks or without, the mules of the summer 2023 season are popular in suede, such as Birkenstock, or leather, like Neute clogs. They can be paired with more casual clothing like linen pants or wide-leg jeans, as well as with urban and trendy looks!








Since the famous Miu Miu ballet flats arrived in stores, these shoes, which had a bad reputation ten years ago, are now very trendy. While some people prefer the classic model, others are embracing the new trend of summer: mesh ballerina shoes. It’s a more modern alternative to the classic style, which pairs perfectly with summer dresses or streetwear looks. We also see several ballerina shoes with straps, which complement a vintage and minimalist outfit nicely.







A splash of color for summer never hurts. After the sensation of the black and white Samba model by Adidas, the glory of ultra colorful sneakers in blue, pink, green, and even yellow emerges. Regardless of the brand, dopamine-colored sneakers are clearly a must-have piece for summer 2023. For an even more interesting effect, they can be paired with equally colorful clothing, playing with complementary colors!








Since this winter, we’ve noticed that floral details have become popular on dresses, necklaces, and even in hair accessories. However, this summer, they are slowly making their way into the realm of shoes. In fact, the Montreal-based brand Maguire has already released a micro-collection that fits perfectly into this trend. They offer sandals adorned with mini flowers and a clip that can be attached anywhere (but especially on shoes). It’s a simple way to give a new life to your basic heels or ballerina flats. For the more daring fashion enthusiasts, Loewe has caught attention with high heels shaped like roses, creating quite a buzz ! 






Since their invention, flip-flops have been everyone’s best friends during the summer season. Easy to slip on, match with outfits, and clean, these shoes are a staple in our wardrobes every summer. This year, the designs are more diverse. With heels, platforms, straps, or even made of leather, they will steal the spotlight all summer long. In street styles and on runways, we also observe formal looks paired with basic flip-flops, as seen at Burberry. Will you dare to try it out?




*Wishing you a wonderful summer !*