What you need to stop wearing in 2022

2021 has been great and full of re discoveries, experiences and comfortable clothes. We found some old hippie and 2000’s clothes in our wardrobe and we enjoyed it. But, every good thing comes to an end (some people would agree, or not). 2022 is a new start for those who want to change and say goodbye to some of the articles they have worn too much. 

We have been to every #fashionweek, joke, to find what will disappear in early 2022. But as we said, no pressure and no need to follow every trend. Keep your style, have fun and showcase it to everyone. Go for originality. We love those fearless fashionistas who don’t care about what’s in or what’s out. You do you honey.




The combo waders and sweater dresses, we know it well. No offense, but it is starting to be corny. It’s been years that we have seen it and it is now old fashioned. You got it right, under the knee boots were already fashion this autumn and hell yes they still are. There you have a better choice to replace your old waders boots.


Skinny jeans


Big alert! Shwap Club does not even accept skinny jeans anymore. Hellooo? It really means they are out. What were you thinking by keeping them? You should continue flexing your mom jeans or flare jeans. They are and will stay fire.




Who’s surprised? It’s comfortable and colorful, but it is time to move on. Just asking, who has Balenciaga heeled crocs? Because, it is definitely a no. No more need to match them with your favorite clothes. Sorry to our favorite influencers, but we need to see other stuff. Loafers on the other hand, are a must. They will always be in our hearts.


Soft clothes


Practical to wear at home and chill. But come on, we can go out again, have fun with others and finally get ready as we should! No more excuses to go out in Lululemon, joggings or worse, biker short. Life is (almost) back, and we need to celebrate it properly. Our cute Emily would be proud of yourself to mix and match your favorite clothes and to be on your ‘A’ game all day long. Take example.


School outfit


Tennis skirt were cute and adorable, same as polo shirts. Little advice, uniform type of clothes should be stored in your closet, and why not donated. No worries, you can still wear them and be fashionable, but new year means new trends. Instead, we still love mini skirts for this summer, and winter if you dare to. New year to show off your beautiful legs.


Cargo pants


Wow, we did see a lot of them. For men and women in all colors. We know it was comfy but we have to get over it since it is not the best fashion pants we have known. Sorry not sorry. We look for loose pants, way more comfy and trendy.




The biggest fashionistas will be devastated, but they will have to abandon them and have a fresh new start. Holiday period was the best time of the year to wear them for the last time. We’ll be thinking about them daily, rip. But now, let’s welcome funky knitted cardigans. Best way to continue having the original touch in our everyday fits.


Fur collar coats


Enough having vagina face with these fur collars. No matter how fake or real fur is, it’s a categoric ewww. If you already have a puffy parka, you got it right. Fur is a big bye and we do not regret it. Ferret made its time.


**Let us know which item you are not ready to leave behind. It will be kept as a secret promise.**