TOP 3 must-have and timeless winter coats

Winter sounds like coats. The ultimate accessory to complete your entire outfit. Not even the cold will prevent us from being stylish, duh. This winter is cold af so we are allowed to get some compensation. You may already have your favorite coats, but why not add some new timeless pieces to your wardrobe to bring some freshness to those cold days? If you already have them, keep it up, you’re on the right path!


Puffer jackets

As we have seen, fur jackets are less trendy compared to puffy ones. They have been here for more than a year now, so it still sounds like a good timeless piece. Aritzia but also The North Face have shown us already how to do it, so now we find some new favorites in other stores: Frank and Oak, Rudsak and Quartz co or Dime. No matter if it’s for you M’am or for you Sir, it is an absolute go-to to be comfortable, fashionable and warm.

The fun thing is, yes down jackets are short and trendy but long ones are even more so. Practical to feel warm all over your body. Same as XXL puffers. It is like being in a sleeping bag but trendy, goals.


Aviator style jackets

Such a classic and timeless jacket. Not the best type for cold weather but you know with a small -10 it works, we cannot say no to these beauties. This one will add the needed amount of chic details to your outfit. A jacket that will obviously make a difference to create an elevated-outfit.

In case you wanted to avoid the sheep and fur type, the one color aviator jackets are as nice as the first ones. Who does not want to have a basic leather jacket in his wardrobe that goes with every outfit? If you answered “not me”, go to La Marque, Holt Renfrew, or even Ssense to find the best ones.


Trench coats

One of the timeless pieces you could ever find. We know the basic beige or black ones, but to spice things up, we say a big yes to leather trench coats. DAMN. The sexy touch you did not know you needed. Fatal woman and man there you go. Each person should have this piece in its closet, an easy one to layer, perfect for Canada and not to freeze. 

We look for specific ones and especially Attire, COS or Urban Outfitters trench coats. Even if other brands have some, we cannot lie to you, these are our favorites!


**What’s your timeless piece?**