Top 10 cottage essentials to take on a weekend by the lake

Summer has officially started and we can’t wait to go on a weekend by the lake! Whether it’s to relax, party, with friends or family, vacations at the cottage require a few essential elements to fully enjoy your stay. Here is our Top 10 Quebec essentials to bring in your bag this summer!



1- Good music

Albums to listen to everywhere and without moderation, at the beach, in the kitchen or even around a campfire!

The Paradise Club  : Claudia Bouvette                                                      Phoenix Deluxe : Charlotte Cardin


Aguà Extend’eau: Clay And Friends                                                                  Crash : Les Louanges



2- Hat or cap

Always think to protect your head from the UV rays, with style.



3- Sunglasses

In your “sun protection” kit, we add beautiful sunglasses!



4- Swimsuit

To chill in the sun or swim in the lake, you absolutely need a comfortable and trendy swimsuit.



5- Comfortable hoodie

What can be better than enjoying an evening around a campfire, wrapped up in a hoodie made in Quebec!



6 – Ready-to-drink

At the cottage, we do it simple and we bring cocktails already prepared in cans, to enjoy them both at the beach and on the terrace.



7- Sunscreen

If you don’t want to look like a lobster, you will have to put cream all over yourself ! Seriously, sunscreen is very important and essential for the protection of the skin, especially in summer, by the water.



8 – Beach towel

Whether it is for taking a nap in the sun or just drying off when you get out of the lake, a nice beach towel is always a good choice!



9 – Citronella candle

It’s no secret that by the lake there are a lot of mosquitoes. To make your experience a little more pleasant, we suggest you bring some citronella candles to avoid scratchy bites for 2 weeks…



10 – Sundress

Yes, even at the cottage we like to be cute and put on a nice summer dress. Easy to put on when leaving the beach or for a romantic dinner!



**Have a nice weekend at the cottage ! **