Xela Edna & Eius Echo

Xela Edna & Eius Echo

Xela Edna & Eius Echo is an experimental electronic pop music duo from Montreal formed in 2018. Their artistic approach is defined by sound and vocal experimentation, as well as the writing of uninhibited poetry.

Including both organic and electronic sounds in their creations, the symbiosis between nature and technology is an important aspect of their work. Their inspirations draw from rock, pop, electroacoustic and orchestral music. On stage, their performance offers a balance between dance and reflection through an organic and futuristic aesthetic.

C’est un rendez-vous au Festival Mode + Design du 25 au 28 août!


INSTAGRAM – @xelaedna

FACEBOOK – @xelaedna

WEBSITE – https://linktr.ee/xelaedna

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  • Friday 26 August 18:15
  • Friday 26 August 21:15