Vinyl Caravan Soundsystem

Vinyl Caravan Soundsystem

The eclectic sound of Vinyl Caravan Soundsystem is hypnotic without ever being predictable. The sounds of its DJs will make you dance and travel in time and space. Vinyl Caravan Soundsystem is composed of vinyl djs and seasoned music lovers. Its guest members can be described as vinyl hunters who distinguish themselves by their energetic and finely tuned performances.

Vinyl Caravan and its pop-up record market will be present on site with a large selection of vinyl for sale. 

See you at the Festival Mode + Design from August 25 to 28!


INSTAGRAM – @vinyl_caravan


DJs for Saturday August 27
Icky Magdala
Maxime (@vinyl_love_mtl)
Joe Toner
Dj Hidi
Kris Guilty
Omar Krivit (@sweetboogers)


DJs for Sunday, August 28
JP Métis
Adam Solomon
Marc Myst

All dates

  • Saturday 27 August 16:31
    secondary stage
  • Saturday 27 August 18:46
    secondary stage
  • Saturday 27 August 20:45
    secondary stage
  • Thursday 2 February