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25 August 2023 @ 9: 45 PM - 10: 00 PM


Set in the year 2058 we are in a utopian and dystopian post-apocalyptic reality after the matrix was shattered into pieces and the truth behind reality was revealed to the public and everything got destroyed. The models will be presented as the 4 elements of nature and rebirth into the garden of eden in the new digital age of fashion and art. We are witnessing the beginning stages of humanity and nature merging with technology.

Barcode is an independent magazine and digital marketplace created for individuals with an eye for underground fashion & art, focusing on sustainability and technology. Barcode was created with the vision of highlighting local creative’s work while building an inclusive community for underrepresented individuals to see themselves showcased in media.

Barcode is dedicated to supporting emerging artist’s work in the digital era by forming a collective of local artists to be featured on our digital marketplace so they can be recognized within the global fashion community. We carefully curated the selection of made-to-order products featured in Barcode Magazine to provide direct access to items for readers and shoppers.

We at Barcode noticed little representation of BIPOC, LGBTQIA+ and other marginalized groups in commercially published magazines and media outlets, so we decided to make it our mission to give an inclusive platform and safe space for creatives to share their stories and showcase their art without judgement.

Sustainability is a practice we take seriously at Barcode. We believe that taking care of our environment is very important for the health of our planet and the quality of life for future generations to come. We make sure to print on environmentally certified and recycled papers that come from sustainable sources.

Barcode products are made-to-order and sourced from sustainable and local brands. we promote “buy fewer, buy better” as a way to push against overconsumption.

To give back to the community, we will be picking a different charity or nonprofit organization to support each month by donating 5% of all profit sales to a cause that aligns with the brand’s core values.


25 August 2023
9: 45 PM - 10: 00 PM
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