The A-Bantu trio was born out of a desire to bring together several art forms: music, visual art and dance under one vision. Lionel Kizaba, Axelle Munezero and Kando are all African artists who came to Canada and their meeting made them realize that their respective disciplines already have a multidimensional aspect and by performing together it brings all these facets to life. A-Bantu: This is human art, a visceral art that expresses itself in many ways while communicating universal messages. The three artists are each recognized in their own field and have traveled the world to perform and share with the public. By coming together they create a unique and inspiring experience for themselves and the audience.

Street dance, afro futuristic music and painting between abstraction and figuration, anchored in the afro-descendant culture. Three great artists meet on the same stage. The energy of each of them is contaminated in their performance and creates a spontaneous work that appeals to all senses.


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