Hey buddy, yes you. We know you’ve been wanting to shop new items for the upcoming fall season. But it’s expensive? Then you tell yourself that you already have enough clothes? Do you feel guilty about buying new clothes? Or even just want to find some rare vintage gems? Guess what, second hand shopping is the answer and if you don’t know where to start looking, stay with us. Yes, we heard the little voice inside you!


The best thing about second hand is that there is something for every taste and budget. Insane ! You’re going to be able to responsibly shop the new trendy items for this fall. Pssst, don’t forget to bring in the old clothes you no longer wear, someone might benefit from them.


Online shopping


Upcycli – a proudly Quebecois application, created by a student, that aims to connect buyers and sellers in an efficient way. Sign up now to democratize the app and add your items.


Vinted – this is the European version of Upcycli. We’ve been hearing a lot about it recently via various influencers on Instagram, and likewise, it’s easy to use and has something for everyone.


Depop – it’s the international app for doing your second hand shopping online. You can find new items from all over the world, it’s a great way to discover new designers.


Kijiji – the well known website to resell your second hand items but also your clothes. Good solution if you want to buy a bike, a sofa but also a dress.


Marketplace – you can really find rare gems given the huge number of items for sale and the reputation of this Meta interface.


Vestiaire collective – for luxury second hand items this is the place. You can find rare vintage pieces if you look hard enough. We warn you, it gets addictive fast.


Bon magasinage – this community platform will show you that it is possible to store second hand but that it is of quality and representative of all.


Shopping in person


Renaissance – this thrift store with a social mission is well known in Quebec. You have access to a large selection and many different brands, from vintage to current brands, there is EVERYTHING. It’s convenient to try on clothes and see them in person.


Village des valeurs – this organization is the perfect place to find the best bargains. Like its friend Renaissance, you’re going to have a lot of choices.


Ruse – a luxury thrift store with pre-selected pieces just waiting for you. Whether it’s Louis Vuitton or Prada, you’ll find accessories, clothes and shoes. It’s a dream.


Empire Exchange – in addition to the small designer space, it’s also a thrift store. Plan your budget, as these are pretty simple pieces but pre-selected so take that into account.


Seconde – a design boutique with beautiful pieces at affordable prices for what you will find. The word is vintage and trust us, you’re bound to walk out with something on your arm.


Annex Vintage – part thrift store and part upcycling store, the selection is original and perfect for showing off your cute style. There’s no better way to find clothes that will add some pop to your outfit.


Reluxe – Psst! And if you’re looking for high-end second hand clothes (who doesn’t want a little Gucci or Burberry in their wardrobe?), we hear that a new edition of Reluxe to benefit the Fondation le Chaînon is coming up. Good way to combine your love of vintage, your environmental responsibility and your social conscience. Stay tuned for details!


**So when do you start shopping?