Key Accessory Trends for Summer 2022

Essential to your look, accessories are your best allies to complete your outfit or to add a little originality! In winter, we love hats and scarves, while in summer we adore sunglasses, sandals, jewelry and hair accessories. To help you see things a little more clearly, here is a selection of accessory trends for summer 2022!




In a swimsuit, with low-rise pants or even as a belt over a dress, body chains are very flattering and perfect for summer!


Where to shop :

At Twenty Compass, which offers several chain sizes!




This summer, we want to see crochet everywhere! Whether it is on hats or bags, handmade or bought from a Quebec company, we totally love it.


Where to shop :

At Simons and Mame




We go back to the 90s and wear our platform sandals! We find them as slippers, flip flops or even heels.


Where to shop :

At Aldo and L’Intervalle




This summer, bracelets, necklaces and rings are made out of beads! Careful, not just any beads, we are talking about colored beads, with letters, shapes or freshwater pearls. We wear them as an ensemble along with other jewelry for a modern look!


Where to shop :

At Fervido and Atelier SYP




No more mini sunglasses, this summer we go for bigger sizes! On top of being stylish, they will keep your eyes perfectly protected from the sun’s rays.


Where to shop :

Parafina at Simons and Isabel Marant at Ssense




Practical and comfortable, clogs (or mules) are a trend that is here to stay! We adopt it for a casual look with birkenstock, or for a more urban look with a black leather style.


Where to shop :

At Birkenstock and Browns (Jeffrey Campbell)




When we talk about a 90s-2000s throwback, here’s another one. Butterfly clips will embellish your hair all summer long, whether they are mini or more imposing, we totally dig it!


Where to shop :

At Etsy and Pixie Woo




On bags, sandals or hair accessories, this year we are adopting braided textures!


Where to shop :

At Simons and Aldo


** So which trends will you adopt this summer? **