Instagram and Tik Tok fashion accounts you must follow

No inspo? Looking for some fun and playful content to pull off the best outfit? We know the best advice is on Instagram and Tiktok nowadays. Good content to get entertained and see lots of new combinations. To make it easier for you, after a big busy day, here is a list of accounts you need to stalk. You’re welcome.




There are lots of Insta babes with a nice and confident style, while others are more on a classic style. These are all good inspirations regarding our different moods and days, right? All girl bosses.


Valeria Lipovetsky

Now based in Miami, Canadian at heart, she likes to do small-themed series videos. Xmas, Halloween or Valentine’s day, she always finds new ways of associating clothes to special occasions.


Matilda Djerf

Stylist, entrepreneur, swedish designer and founder of Djerf Avenue, she is the proof it is possible to be a true fashionista with only good basics in your wardrobe. 


Tammy Hembrow

Perfect combo to show us that a fit girl can be sexy at the same time. She is a real boss mama who understands her body and knows exactly how to show it off.



This cute Danish girl has a chic, sexy and neutral vibe. Always joyful, she is bubbly in her stories and videos. With a pretty basic style, she’ll know how to charm you. Comfortable and cute.


Allegra Shaw

Another Canadian girl who always has her outfit figured out. Her specialty: a mix of good basic pieces with colorful and key clothes or accessories. She understands how it works, you can have an elevated outfit with simple pieces such as jeans and a white tee, queen.


Maxine Wylde

Colors, patterns, and original pieces. This Australian dares to mix the impossible together and likes to get her hands on rare and powerful pieces. She is confident with her style and we really like it. Plus, her apartment is a reflection of her style, good interior decor inspo!


Leonie Hanne

Queen of full brand outfits. We already know her close-up outfit videos, full Chanel or even Dior. She understands pretty well how to mix and match full brand pieces.



Orange? do you like this color? Well, it is the absolute account to follow if you wanna get a retro and vintage colorful vibe. Time to get your vitamin C through her account by only looking at the pictures and videos of this pretty Scottish. 




Would you dare? Fashion is all about having fun and we understand that sometimes you and we can be uninspired. Luckily, some men still have plenty of outfit ideas that we can use. Our pleasure.



His feed is already looking nice then just imagine his outfit. Very chic ones, and clearly he has a thing for pastel colors which is charming. The absolute detail that makes the difference is his tainted hair to make it fit with each outfit, genius. You get it, every detail counts.



We feel his vibe and good mood through his videos. A retro and confident style that will give you some very good ideas if you wanna try original combinations and get over jeans and sneakers.



With a look that looks like the one right above, you have plenty of choices. He even dared wearing heels, which is insane, you rock man. He does simple outfits but also streetwear if you wanna be more lowkey.


Janis Danner

A heartthrob with a casual style but who can be at times dressed up. In both cases, we validate his style. Everyday casual outfits that work every time. 


Everett Williams

A style worth each fashion week all year long. Be bold, he would say. He really puts creative efforts into his content and outfits. We can only love it.



His account can be more lifestyle but he still has a nice style, nice to take example you know. Simple, efficient, perfect to make girls fall in love, and men, wink wink.


Matthew Zorpas

Simple but polished looks, which is what we are looking for on a day-to-day basis. Cities or beaches, he makes good choices therefore you should follow him, you would not like to miss any opportunity.


**We can’t wait to hear about your favorite account**