Spotlight on event partnerships

Initiated by Mrs Chantal Durivage and Mr. Jean-François Daviau, founders of Groupe Sensation Mode and Fashion & Design Festival, with the participation of Mrs Debbie Zakaib, Executive Director of mmode, as well as Mr. Jean-Pierre Desrosiers, Chairman of the Board of Fashion & Design Festival, the first strategic workshop GSM with more than 40 renowned companies and leaders of retail business at the Loews Hotel Vogue.

The object of this meeting was to discuss major trends, key observations and success factors in event partnerships.

Fashion & Design Festival 2017 – Denis Gagnon, Marie Saint Pierre and Philippe Dubuc fashion show
Photo credit : Jimmy Hamelin

Here are the top 10 findings of all participants:
1. Events must live beyond present moment
2. The success of an event does not translate the same way from a brand to another brand
3. The event is a media of proximity, organic with the millennials
4. The right understanding of the target, innovation, activation network, and execution are the four key success factors.
5. Build a genuine complementarity between partners
6. The target audience must be at the heart of content creation
7. The generated content has a real value only when it reflects your true brand image
8. Co-branding: better broadcast to better rule
9. There is no business intelligence without the integration of emotional intelligence
10. Montreal I loved you, I love you and I will love you…. more than ever!

People will forget what you said, they will forget what you have done, but will never forget what you made them feel.
Maya Angelou

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