Futurs Divergents: A show featuring creators from Indigenous communities

Created by the Festival Mode + Design, Futur Divergent is a street theater show combining music, dance, classical singing, hip-hop and fashion. This project honors indigenous creation and allows 8 performers to express themselves freely, in an imaginary space, untouched by the weight of history and societies. The creators will be revealed live during the first performance. 

In collaboration with artist Sage Paul and her Indigenous Fashion Arts Festival, many designers from local indigenous communities will present the costumes they have created. Recognized as a leader in Indigenous fashion and craftsmanship, Sage Paul is a Toronto-based urbanDenesuliné Tskwe and member of the English River Dene Nation. Her work is conceptual and narrative, she creates clothing and costumes for artistic presentations, fashion, film, television and theater.


Sage Paul, credit: Instagram @sagepaul


The Futur Divergent show will take place in a large-scale setting, which will not go unnoticed at the place des Festivals this summer! It will be accessible to the public when there are no performances. Lasting 25 minutes, the show will be without text, but rather guided by the words of the music performed live and created by various artists. The story tells the adventure of the members of a band who decide to move to another world, because they do not feel free to exist as they would like. Before passing into this virgin world devoid of prejudice, they settle their accounts in a last dance. Future Divergent is that farewell ceremony.


Futur Divergent is a free show, which will be presented during the Fashion + Design Festival on Thursday, August 25, 2022 at 7:00 pm and 9:00 pm and on Saturday, August 27, 2022 at 6:25 pm and 8:20 pm.


Thank you to the Government of Canada and Indigenous Fashion Arts for supporting this project.




Louis Tremblay – Director and artistic director
With Rose Naggar-Tremblay, S.P.-Sans Pression, Salin, Mary-Lee Brunet, Étienne Leonard Benoit, Brian Lust, Jr Maddripp, Raphaëlle Sealhunter
Created with the participation of Sage Paul (Indigenous Fashion Arts Festival) – fashion design direction
Farah Benosman assisted by Lawrence Fafard – costume design 
Emlyn VanBruinswaardt – assistant director and stage manager
Loïc Thériault – music design
Éric Olivier – choreographer 
Alix Brenneur and Karine Galarneau – set design
Jonathan Dupuis – Lighting Design
Rosalie Montmarquette – Director of Artistic Operations
Emilie Therrien – Director of Special Projects Programming