Five fashion resolutions for the New Year

 Five fashion resolutions for the New Year

It’s inevitable: each New Year comes with new resolutions. We all have ambitious projects: get fit, eat better, save money for a trip — but what about fashion? What kind of resolution should we undertake to be better consumers? Here, we round up five ways to develop your style in a more conscious way.

  1. Do better with little

First: Sorting out our closet. The trick here is to keep in mind what’s harmonious with our silhouette and most importantly – your personality. We too often go crazy with trendy pieces, and that results with an excess of unworn clothing. In order to start the year off right, we must get rid of what’s insignificant. Challenge yourself: with fewer clothes, you’ll find yourself be more creative with your outfits. Think of the girl that wore a single dress for a whole year: she went above and beyond to make that piece look different every day.

  1. Give back

In order to have a well balanced closet, one must get rid of unnecessary clothes.  You won’t be in rest with the many options to give back: from family members to people in need, giving back is one of the most ethical options to clear up your inventory and start fresh.

  1. Avoid impulsive purchases

We’ve all done it. With social media’s ubiquity and the omnipresence of online stores, it’s harder than ever restrain ourselves from new envies. In order to put an end to impulsive purchases, we should ask ourselves why we want a certain piece of clothing. How is it going to fit with our other pieces? How many seasons are we going to wear it? Is it worth it?

  1. Dare!

A new haircut, fancy neon nail polish, eclectic accessories — this year, let’s venture off the beaten track and dare to try new things. Be careful not to mix up ‘daring’ with impulsive purchases! It can be as easy as matching unexpected colours or wearing a piece you thought to be outdated.

  1. Buy local

The motto here is: quality over quantity. In terms of local design, the offer truly has expanded in recent years – no need to spend hundreds of dollars on designer pieces nowadays. Several shops now offer unique pieces at an affordable price. Think of Mile-End’s specialized thrift stores, such as Citizen Vintage, Lowell, the Empire Exchange, La Gaillarde in St-Henri, and the online store Beau People Vintage.