Men’s Fashion Week: 5 trends spotted on fall 2023 fashion shows

From January 13 to 22, the Milan and Paris Fashion Weeks took place for the fall 2023 men‘s collections. Recently, the menswear Fashion Weeks is very popular among a lot of people, whether they are important industry players, celebrities or influencers. This biannual fashion event has become THE place to be to spot the future trends, but also emerging talents who are revolutionizing the men’s wardrobe, such as Ludovic de Saint Sernin or Martine Rose.


As in the women’s collections, the collections presented at Men’s Fashion Week reveal more androgynous silhouettes, non-binary models and mixed wardrobes, thus erasing the boundaries that separate gendered clothing. Compared to 10 years ago, the collections and trends are for everyone and we are very happy to finally get there. Here are the 5 key trends spotted on the men’s fashion shows for fall 2023!






Pants, long coats or total look, leather (or faux leather) was on almost all the shows of the season. In deep black at Givenchy or hazelnut brown at Amiri, leather is always elegant and stylish!




En 2023, on arrête d’investir dans des chaussures et on opte plutôt pour des pantalons, robes, jupes et manteaux extra-longs qui se rendent jusqu’au sol. Cette tendance n’est pas très pratique pour nos hivers québécois, mais vous pouvez être sûr que dès l’été, on en verra partout !




In coats, scarves or accents, faux fur is back in the spotlight in men’s collections. In addition to keeping you warm, these very soft pieces perfectly complete a winter look that lacks a bit of dynamism.




Fine knit at Fendi and net dress at Ludovic de Saint Sernin, transparency is played out in every way this season ! At Louis Gabriel Nouchi, we adopt the transparent top under an oversized suit for a casual chic look.





Checked, denim, maxi or mini: the skirt is now well established in the men’s wardrobe. For winter, we wear the mini or the midi with pants of the same material. Very versatile, the skirt works as much with a preppy look, as at Family First, streetwear at Marine Serre or chic at Givenchy!


Image credits : Tagwalk and Vogue Runway