Interview – Audvik

Audvik by Sophie Boyer, owner and co-creative director.


What is the story behind your brand and how would you describe it?
The Audvik brand, which means “quality of life” in Inuit legend, was founded by two outdoor enthusiasts. These two words have become the mantra of the company and are behind each of our coats. We strive to share our passion for the outdoors and large spaces through our collections.  

In 2012, I bought the Québec company (Editor’s note: Sophie Boyer, a former high level athlete, is now the president of Audvik). As a member of a cross country ski team, I know the needs in terms of outerwear. As I wanted to combine my two passions, business and sports, I noticed a niche in the outerwear market for durable coats that offered the best materials for those enjoying the Winter joys by merging style, warmth and social responsibility. 

What is your creative process?
My mother Elise has more than 30 years of experience as a sportswear designer for various brands. She joins me at the helm of the design team. Our creative process is a collaboration inspired from our visits to trade shows in Europe, chats after a long day of skiing or walks in nature. Our objective is to create comfortable garments for all types of activities. Once the design is done, we conceive a first prototype in order to test it out.  

What has inspired your latest collection?
In response to our consumer requests, we are very proud to have developed a line of eco-friendly coats. As an entrepreneur and company owner, it was obvious for us that I needed to do my part to preserve the planet and its natural playgrounds that I cherish so much. It is for this purpose that Audvik has taken an environmental shift through creativity and ingenuity to reduce our ecological footprint.  After months of relentless work and material research that would meet our standards, we have unveiled an eco-friendly collection (Fosfo) manufactured with material weaved 100% from fishing nets and recycled plastic bottles. 

What are your influences?
Eco-friendly materials and buying local goods. 

What is your signature piece?
This is a difficult choice as we offer such a variety of styles for all types of silhouettes and in different lengths to suit different needs. If I had to choose one, it would be the orange Fosfo. It was a hit this season and the perfect piece to brighten any wardrobe☺.

Who are the AUDVIK woman and man?
Young, optimistic and active professionals who like expeditions in nature to find peace from their busy lives. 

What is your fondest fashion memory?
We are all coming together in this crisis. There is a huge wave of solidarity in the fashion industry. Many companies have joined forces in these difficult times. Movements like #modesolidaire et #achetezlocal are raising awareness to the importance of promoting our local economy and our small businesses. These events will be remembered for a long time. 

How are you coping with COVID?
One day at a time. It was heart wrenching to close the atelier and to temporarily lay off employees, after all the sacrifices that were made over the years for my company. We will roll up our sleeves in due time, but for the moment the most important is everyone’s health!

On a different note… which book is on your nightstand at the moment?
“Créatrices. 30 portraits de Québécoises inspirantes” by Valérie Chevalier and Andréanne Gauthier is a fascinating book (Éditions Hurtubise).

Which song are you listening to over and over?
“Toosie Slide” by Drake. I like to dance. 

Which television series are you binge watching?
My two favorite of the moment are “Unorthodox’’ (Netflix) and the Québec series ‘’C’est comme ça que je t’aime’’ (

What is your favorite recipe of the moment?
I have discovered a passion for baking cookies;)

Which movie inspires you?
My favorite of all times is “Slumdog Millionaire” directed by Danny Boyle.


Andrew McNally

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