Emily in Paris season 3: which team to choose?

Written by the same author as Sex and the city, the series Emily in Paris has been a huge success since its release, thanks to the extravagant (or not) looks of the characters. Already in her third season, Lily Collins plays Emily, an American expatriate in Paris for her job in marketing. During the episodes, we get to know the different characters, all unique in their own way. But apart from their ultra-romanticized Parisian life, what makes them charming is above all how they are dressed. Emily, Camille, Mindy or Sylvie: we decode their personality and their style to find out which team we are in (because yes, you have to choose)!




Born in Chicago, Emily is an active and urban woman who is not afraid to show her colors. Unlike the Parisian, her style is extravagant, ultra colorful and overloaded with patterns, which make her visible from a long distance. But beware: her outfits are never kitsch. Iphone in one hand and iced coffee in the other, she does not go out without a designer bag (often empty). Emily is a workaholic, she loves her job and always comes up with amazing ideas at unlikely times. In love with life (and Gabriel), she wants to do as many things as possible in a short time, like visiting all of France in a weekend…



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Dress Eliza Faulkner                                                                                      Blouse Simons (House Of Sunny)





A daring Frenchwoman, Camille has a minimalist-chic style often accompanied by a touch of originality. She loves to encourage emerging designers wherever she travels and does not hesitate to introduce them to her friends as well. Natural hair, face with very little makeup and Jacquemus bag: she embodies the stereotype of Parisian style to perfection. Her passions: art, champagne and croissants.


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Jacquemus Top  (SSENSE).                                                                                 Dress UNTTLD





Just like Emily, Mindy never misses an opportunity to bring out her most bling-bling and bold pieces. In everyday life as on stage, she is not afraid to take risks by wearing clothes with sequins and glitters or even latex outfits. Just like her personality, her style is spectacular and flamboyant!


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Bralette Dynamite                                                                                            Pant Amylynn (Simons)





Originally from Saint-Tropez, in the south of France, Sylvie has a bohemian-chic style and allure that leads us to believe that she spends all her summers on the Côte d’Azur. Very comfortable with her body, she does not hesitate to reveal it through her tight and sometimes see-through clothes. Working in fashion since a long time, she knows all the “gratin” of Paris and attends all the important events. It is partly for this reason that she always has an impeccable look, often composed of pieces from well-known designers.


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Dress Beaufille                                                                                      Blazer and Pant Simons Contemporaine


** So, which team are you in?**