Goth Girl: the new trend inspired by Wednesday

  Since its release on November 23, the Wednesday series has been an incredible success, accumulating over 341 […]


Whether it’s back to work or back to school, thousands of people have already traded in their beach […]

Welcome to Best Kept Montreal’s guide to the Fashion+Design Festival for 2022.

Join us from August 25-28 for the latest edition of the Fashion + Design Festival. It is special […]

Come Party at The Fashion + Design Festival

This year, The Fashion & Design Festival will showcase fashion shows, music, art, unique experiences, and after-parties from […]

Spotted au cocktail d’ouverture du FMD : Acteurs, chanteurs, influenceurs, et gratin politique

Pour l’ouverture de cette nouvelle édition du Festival, le 25 août, que du beau monde a été invité […]

15 reasons to go to the Mode + Design Festival this summer

Are you a fashion, art and music fan? Then you shouldn’t miss the 2022 edition of the Mode […]

How Social Media is fueling new aesthetics

There’s a lot to be said about social media, and one thing for certain is that it’s current […]

Top 10 cottage essentials to take on a weekend by the lake

Summer has officially started and we can’t wait to go on a weekend by the lake! Whether it’s […]

Key Accessory Trends for Summer 2022

Essential to your look, accessories are your best allies to complete your outfit or to add a little […]

Top 10 – What To Wear At MURAL Festival

The MURAL festival is back for its 10th edition and it’s the perfect time to show off your […]

Interior design accounts you must follow

Are you an interior design lover? Do you love using your nice little hands in fun and creative […]

Instagram and Tik Tok fashion accounts you must follow

No inspo? Looking for some fun and playful content to pull off the best outfit? We know the […]

TOP 3 must-have and timeless winter coats

Winter sounds like coats. The ultimate accessory to complete your entire outfit. Not even the cold will prevent […]

What you need to stop wearing in 2022

2021 has been great and full of re discoveries, experiences and comfortable clothes. We found some old hippie […]


Spectacular. Bold. Innovative. These are the words that illustrate the longest parade in Canada in collaboration with XP_MTL […]

The best festival looks

Who says biggest fashion festival of the year, says emblematic looks. Even before attending, we could all suspect […]


For the opening of this new edition of the Festival, on August 19th, a lot of people were […]

The Fashion + Design Festival, bringing people together with a brand new vibe!

You read that right. The Fashion + Design Festival has been transformed.   Because the festival is celebrating its 20th […]

100% LOCAL RUNWAY – The designers

We celebrated the cultural comeback by presenting a 100% LOCAL fashion show in a “hybrid” format deployed both […]

How to wear the mask in a trendy way with Genevieve Borne

When the pandemic began, I decided that wearing the mask was going to be fun. Another great opportunity […]

Interview – Noemiah

Noemiah by Noémie Vaillancourt, creative director.   What is the story behind your brand and how would you […]

Interview – Pretend Play

Pretend Play by Rosalie Lemay, multidisciplinary artist.   How did Cougar come about and how would you describe […]

Interview – Eve Gravel

Eve Gravel by Ève Gravel, Founder and Designer.   What is the story behind your brand and how […]

Interview – Nico Design

NICO by Nicolas Bilodeau, Founder and Creative Director. What is the story behind your brand? And how would […]

Interview – Bodybag by Jude

BODYBAG by Jude by Judith Desjardins, Founder and Creative Director. What is the story behind your brand and […]

Interview – Pascal Labelle

Pascal Labelle by Pascal Labelle, designer and owner.   What is the story behind your brand? Following my […]

Interview – Marie Saint Pierre

Maison Marie Saint Pierre by Marie Saint Pierre, Founder and Designer.    How was your brand born and […]

Interview – Nadya Toto

Nadya Toto by Nadya Toto, designer.   What is the story behind your brand? It started in the […]

Interview – Denis Gagnon

Denis Gagnon by Denis Gagnon, Designer.   What is the story behind your brand and how would you […]

Interview – Audvik

Audvik by Sophie Boyer, owner and co-creative director.   What is the story behind your brand and how […]

Interview – Elisa C-Rossow

Elisa C-Rossow by Elisa C-Rossow, Designer.   What is the story behind your brand and how would you […]

Interview – Philippe Dubuc

Philippe Dubuc by Philippe Dubuc, menswear fashion designer.   What is the story behind your brand? And how […]

Les midis affaires

In the wake of what we are going through and in the face of the multiple changes that […]

FMD CONNECTED – Special Edition

During the 19th edition of the Fashion and Design Festival, many of you attended the special FMD CONNECTED […]

FMD CONNECTED – The first set

The Fashion and Design Festival has given voice to creators on the national and international scene as part […]


Follow behind the scenes at FMD 19 1/2 as part of the En Mode Culturelle series broadcast live on the Festival’s Facebook page. It will be hosted by Audrée Bellehumeur, content producer for FMD.

Word from management

CANCELLATION OF THE 20TH EDITION OF THE FESTIVAL MODE & DESIGN It is with regret that we announce […]

FMD x FashionUnited – Trends: What will be in store for fall/winter 2019

FMD x FashionUnited – La Vie en Rose enters China with store opening and Tmall launch

Five fashion resolutions for the New Year

 Five fashion resolutions for the New Year It’s inevitable: each New Year comes with new resolutions. We all […]

FashionUnited: The industry’s all-in-one solution

FashionUnited believes in making the fashion more efficient and transparent. With this in mind, the globally active B2B […]

Visitez le Spa Scandinave

Cette année, en plus de vous divertir avec une programmation effervescente pour notre 18ème anniversaire, nous avons décidé de […]


You’ve been asking for a while now, here’s the long-awaited CASTING CALL! But what’s the casting call? It’s […]


Spotlight on event partnerships Initiated by Mrs Chantal Durivage and Mr. Jean-François Daviau, founders of Groupe Sensation Mode […]

Voici les nominations de la CAFA 2018

Voici les nominations de la CAFA 2018 The Canadian Arts & Fashion Awards célèbre les réalisations exceptionnelles et […]

The future: beyond the sports app

SMART WEAR IS HERE. T-shirts, bras, gadgets and watches are wired with sensors to enhance athletic performance and […]

Fashion design: Focus on Marie Saint Pierre and UNTTLD

In 1987, Marie Charest had big dreams to launch her label. Late one evening at the St-Denis St. […]

Montreal’s retail experience: Chains, chains, change

Reitmans, Le Château, Dynamite, La Vie en Rose, Laura, Tristan, Marie Claire, Lolë, Frank + Oak, Aldo – […]

Manufacturing: Alvin Segal’s Peerless story

There’s an allure to the “Made in Canada’’ label that’s lacking in a garment made in China or […]

Ste-Catherine St.: more than a shopping artery

This is the second in a series of essays on the history of Montreal fashion. Mandated by the […]

A passion for fur

It is impossible to overstate the importance of the fur trade to the history of Montreal, Canada and […]