Barbicore: The PINK trend at the moment!

“ I’m a Barbie girl, in the Barbie world, Life in plastic, it’s fantastic” 


For some time now, we have been seeing pink absolutely EVERYWHERE: in the street, in the subway, in stores, on red carpets and fashion shows, in short, everywhere! This trend stems from the “Barbiecore” aesthetic, strongly inspired by our dear Barbie and her intense pink outfits. One thing is sure: we are really fans of this new obsession, but how did it become so popular?


The Barbie movie


In April 2022, the first images of the actress Margot Robbie, playing Barbie, were unveiled. Already then, the whole internet was on fire and the whole world wanted to know more about the movie, but also about the flamboyant pink looks of the mythical character. That’s when the fashionistas started to adopt this warm pink, which will become a real sensation a few months later. FYI: the movie will be released on July 21, 2023 (omg!)



The Valentino fall 2022 fashion show


If there is one thing that has marked us during the fashion shows of the fall 2022 collections, it is certainly that of Valentino. 40 monochromatic silhouettes in a fuchsia pink shade (now called the “Pink PP”) in a set of the same color, it does not go unnoticed by fashion lovers, but also by the general public. Of course, the media and social networks went wild, but unlike other events, the flame remained present and contributed to the great boom of the Barbiecore trend.


Celebrities in Valentino Fall 2022 collection 


As soon as the famous collection was unveiled, most of the celebrities’ stylists rushed to make sure that their clients would be able to wear the collection that was a sensation all over the world. Anne Hathaway, Gigi Hadid or Zendaya: they all adopted the Valentino pink look and we are in love with all the versions! From that moment on, the red carpets, the catwalk benches and the streets of the fashion capitals were filled with this intense and piercing pink.


Life in pink…


As you can see, the Barbiecore trend has spread literally everywhere and has become a real social phenomenon. We have seen hundreds of celebrities wearing it, fashion brands adopting it for their next collection or companies creating products inspired by Barbie’s aesthetic. One thing is for sure: it’s only the beginning and the Barbiecore is here to stay!




It’s great to see Barbiecore looks everywhere, but where to shop the trend?



         Simons Pull-over                                                                                               Pants from Aritzia


Dress from Garage                                                                   Nike sneakers from chez Ssense


Top fromDynamite                                                                   Coat from The North Face


Underwear from Blush Lingerie.                                                Valentino’s bag from chez Ssense


 **What about you? Will you dare to follow the Barbiecore trend this season?**