5 trendy pants to wear this season

While the Y2K trend is omnipresent and obviously here to stay, we understand that we will have to bring out our old low-waisted pants or even go look in thrift stores and shops to find a rare gem. This fall, we are inspired by the fashion icons of the 2000s, such as Jennifer Aniston or Beyoncé, to know what pants to wear. One thing is sure: skinny jeans are out !


Parachute pants


Thanks to the model and businesswoman Hailey Bieber, who brought back this type of pants which became a strong trend of the season. Practical, light and comfortable, the parachute pants are well named and can be adopted in many ways. This summer, we wore it with a swimsuit, but this fall we love it in brown hues, paired with a sleeveless knit and sneakers like Camille Charrière.

Where to shop the trend

At Garage….                                                                                                …and Simons


Cargo pants


Originally worn by the US military, cargo pants became popular in the 90s not only for their practicality, but also for their impeccable style. In the same way as the parachute pants, this style has made a huge comeback among celebrities, but also in our favorite stores and we love it!


Where to shop the trend

At Aritzia                                                                                                   …and Urban Outfitters



Faux-leather pants


Be careful, we are not talking about leather pants well glued to the skin which are a hell of a thing to put on, as well as to take off. On the contrary, this fall 2022, the trend is on loose or even baggy cuts. The thick material of the faux-leather pants not only makes them warmer for cold temperatures, but also gives a very straight leg fall, which makes a casual look more sophisticated (or bad girl, it depends…).


Where to shop the trend

At Dynamite                                                                                               …and Reitmans



Tailored pants


You have surely noticed, suit sets are back in the post-pandemic wardrobe of many people. We finally traded in our jogging pants for dressier outfits (for the most part), which bring out the working girl in us. Whether you wear it with your matching jacket, in a monochrome look, or with a comfortable sweater, tailored pants are a hit for this season. On fashion shows and in the streets we see it in an oversized and extra-long cut!


Where to shop the trend


   At Simons                                                                                               …and Dailystory


Low-rise pants


Still influenced by the return of the Y2K aesthetic, low-rise pants have increased in popularity by over 81% in recent fashion weeks (Tagwalk). Whether we like it or not, this trend has literally made the buzz on social media and stores all over the world. But how to wear it? Either we totally assume the Beyoncé in us, by wearing it with a crop top or we opt for a slightly longer top that just shows enough skin.


Where to shop the trend

At Levis                                                                                                        …and Garage


** What type of pants do you prefer?**