5 gift guides for 5 personalities

Christmas is approaching and if you’re like us, you still haven’t started shopping for gifts. Between sisters, dads, boyfriends or blondes, it’s hard to find innovative ideas that will please every time. This year, we decided to dig deep and become THE person who makes the best finds in the family.

So here are 5 gift guides for 5 personalities, that will help you spoil your loved ones just right during Christmas 2022! 




With her skin well moisturized and her hair always styled, the “clean girl” already has it all, but we’re here to help her discover new products that will become part of her morning routine. Like her beauty products, her kitchen accessories are perfectly placed and matched to the decor. In her wishlist, we certainly find a pretty candle and Birkenstock mules.



Moon Bath Kit – Selv Rituel (available at Mad Shoppe)

 Coco & Muguet  Candle – Esser Studio  (available at Mad Shoppe)

Hyaluronic Acid Serum – La Natura Casa (available at Mad Shoppe)

Boston Mules – Birkenstock chez Little Burgundy

The Five Minute Journal – Indigo





With a style that is both minimalist and original, the Mile End hipster spends his Sunday afternoons in a café or at the thrift store. His love for Montreal and local brands can be seen in the clothes he wears, but also in his interior design. His uniform? A beanie rolled up over his ears, an almost empty tote bag and a flawless mustache.



Beard Care Discovery Set – Groom (available at Mad Shoppe)

MTL Print  – Out Of The (available at Mad Shoppe)

Chunky Beanie – Le Cartel

London Ring – Twenty Compass

Tote Bag – C’est Beau





As an art history student and watercolor enthusiast, her wardrobe is composed of only bright colors. Encouraging young Montreal artists is part of her values, but she is also inspired by London, a city where she would like to live in the future. Manual activities do not scare her, she is always up for a painting and vino date!



Ball Bag – Cooper’s Den 

(similar products available at Mad Shoppe)

Crochet Bucket Hat – Mame (available at Mad Shoppe)

Rubik Candle DIY Kit – Moonday (available at Mad Shoppe)

Taschen book “Matisse Cut-Outs” – Indigo

Cardigan Sundown – House Of Sunny





Usually wearing a Ciele cap (worn to the bone), he spends his weekends skiing or climbing. His garage is filled with sports equipment: mountain bikes, city bikes, downhill skis, cross-country skis, snowshoes, in short, the whole sports store. Although he never stores, his wardrobe is composed of stylish and quality clothing.



Backcountry Pullover – Praise Endurance

Hiking Socks – Smartwool

Pierre Five Panel Cap – Plenty Humanwear

Heliad 6 Shoulder Bag – Arcteryx

Thermoball Insulated Mules – The North Face





On the lookout for all the trends, she doesn’t miss a single opportunity to shoot a TikTok (even on Christmas Eve). At 16 years old, her makeup is perfectly executed and her outfit is often composed of a crop top or a hoodie. Feminist and committed, she advocates self-acceptance and freedom of expression!



Recycled Tote Bag – La Pimbêche (available at Mad Shoppe)

Hoodie Butterfly Killer – Kata Fashion (available at Mad Shoppe)

Air Force 1 Planter – HydroFlora (available at Mad Shoppe)

Dulce Iphone Case – KaseMe

The Makeup Set – Glossier


*** We wish you Happy Holidays! ***